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volunteer centre mendip & sedgemoor

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 The Volunteer Centre Mendip & Sedgemoor, Unit 5 Yeovil Small Business Centre, Houndstone Business Park
Yeovil, Somerset, BA22 8WA

Telephone: 01935 475914       Email:

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm
Flexible mobile working all other times

Volunteering isn't just a one way process; volunteers can also gain a lot from their involvement in the local community, such as an increase in self-confidence, self-esteem and self-worth, satisfaction in a job well done or a contribution made, a structure to the day, personal development, making a commitment or pure and simple enjoyment.

These benefits can be life-changing, as many build up a network of friends through their volunteering activities, or acquire the skills and confidence to move into employment or a career change. Recent research has also shown that volunteering can lead to improved health.

There is medical and scientific documentation supporting the health benefits of volunteering, such as a heightened sense of well-being, an improvement in insomnia, a stronger immune system and a speedier recovery from surgery.

How will Universal Credit Affect Volunteering?
Please note that these terms are subject to change

Date: December 2012

In order to meet a given work availability requirement claimants must be available to immediately take up, (or attend an interview for) work/more work/better paid work unless:

a.      the claimant is in paid work in which case they are allowed up to 48 hours to attend an interview, or until their notice period has expired to take up a job;

b.      the claimant has caring responsibilities (for a child or for a disabled person in which case they will be allowed up to 48 hours to attend an interview and one month to take up a job;

c.     the claimant is carrying out voluntary work in which case they will be allowed up to 48 hours to attend an interview and one week to take up paid work.

Voluntary Work: If the adviser is satisfied that the voluntary work that the claimant is undertaking gives them the best prospects of obtaining paid work and their work search remains the claimants primary focus then the adviser can allow up to 50% of the expected hours of work to spent on undertaking voluntary work. The maximum expected hours of work search per week under UC will be 35 hours. So therefore the maximum we can allow as a relevant deduction against their expected hours of work is 17.5 hours per week. Claimants can undertake as many hours undertaking voluntary work as they want but for the purposes of UC we can only allow up to 50% of their expected hours as a relevant deduction against their work search activities for the week.