A Healthy Mind


The Power of a Smile

While depression can be a permanent fixture for some people, there are many times when life simply becomes overwhelming for others. They may begin to see the glass as mostly empty one day. Getting out of their funk may not be easy, and family or friends may believe telling them to just get over it will work. When that doesn’t work, it is time to look for a new way to move toward happiness. The power of a smile can help.

It may seem odd to think that smiling can be helpful for a person suffering from an episode of depression. Scientists have looked into what happens to the body when a person smiles, and they have found evidence it can lighten the person’s mood. This alone may make it easier to face whatever is causing the depression. It can also turn a person’s world around when they smile at others.

People often smile back at someone smiling at them. It is a natural reaction for many, and it can cause both parties to feel better for no other reason. When a person smiles in return, they may continue that happy thought for a while. This could cause them to smile at other people along their way, and it can create a chain reaction. As the day goes on, more people in an area may be happier and smiling.

This is not a cure for clinical depression, but it can help those with a transitory depression caused by a particular issue. Friends and family may not always be supportive of what they deem a minor blip, but smiling at them could help the person suffering. There are those who have expressed the sentiment to fake it until you make it, and this is one way to accomplish that goal. It may not solve the issue at hand, but it could make it easier to face or find a good solution.